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Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I thought I'd do an entry today on the birds of Madagascar. A lot of them are endemic to the country, some are only found in certain National Parks. To enlarge the photos click on them and they open up larger in a new window.
The above bird is a Malachite Kingfisher, I thought he was so pretty I edited him and used him for the header!
The bird below in the centre of the photo, not very clear but he was a good distance out to sea, is a Humblot's heron, the rarest heron in the world.

This rather prehistoric looking bird is a Hammerkop or Hammerhead. We saw quite a few as we travelled around Madagascar.

These two are Madagascan Bulbuls who posed very nicely outside the door of my straw hut!

I think this is a sandpiper, not to sure. He came along as I was waiting to take shots of the sunset.

This little one below was also outside my door, I can't remember what he is, apart from being a bird! Lol!

I know what this is! He's a very cute Magpie Robin, there were quite a few at our beach resort. Isn't he sweet?!

Here he is again!

We passed these two Grey Headed Love birds as we were driving back from the Spiny Forest.

This one with the long tail is a Crested Drongo, he was flitting about posing everywhere so I picked the closest shot I got of him.

I think this next one is some kind of Fody.

This one below is a Crested Hoopoe, he had the sun behind him so I couldn't get a clearer shot.

A Souimanga Sunbird, am I amazing you with my new found bird knowledge?! Lol!

This Lafresnaye's Vanga was very busy collecting nesting material in the next two shots

I've not got a clue what this one is, he's got a very pointy beak hasn't he?! Perhaps Joan will know!

I'm not very good at identifying birds of prey, it's either a buzzard or some kind of hawk!

I think this one is a falcon.

I can't forget what this is, it's a Broadbilled Roller. A funny story went with this one! We had a birdwatching expert on our tour to find and identify all the birds we saw. He was a lovely guy called Ian. One day I was sitting on my patio with Carol, a lady I met on the tour. All the rest of the tour group were beside the pool. Carol and I saw this bird in the tree, I took lots of photos as it hung around for fifteen minutes or more. Just before it flew away our group jumped up from the pool and were running around excitedly. We asked what they'd spotted and they said they think they saw a broadbilled roller. We asked what it looked like and I said it'd been sitting in the tree for ages and showed them all the pics I took of it! Ian asked why we didn't tell him so we said we didn't want to disturb him. He said birdwatchers call people like us 'suppressors' because we surpress information! ROFL! We delighted in our new name, telling everybody that we were suppressors!

This is a Benson's Rock Thrush, I found him sitting on the wall by the restaurant. They're only found in Madagascar.

This is a trio of Pied Crows. They're everywhere in Madagascar, they look like very large magpies.

This yellow bird is a Madagascan Wagtail.

I'm not sure if this is some kind of Vanga, it was too far away to see it clearly.

Some kind of heron.

An egret.

A yellow billed kite. He saw the camera and started circling overhead so I could get a good shot of him!

Another kind of heron! Don't ask me what kind.... ask Joan, she'll know!
A very beautiful Fish Eagle, I love the glint in his eye!

I hope you liked seeing some of the birds I saw on my trip. It was nice to see all these colourful birds in the wild.

I'm off now, my AOL connection keeps freezing on me and I don't want to lose this entry!


Julia said...

Love all the birds.

Jeannette said...

All the birds are beautiful and I am amazed you remember all the names. How it makes me wish we had birds like that over here. We do have a couple of colourful ones but not on that scale. So many species. Thank you for sharing.

Jan said...

Yes I am truly amazed at your knowledge of the birds ,Im sure Joan will enjoy this entry ,I certainly did ,I find AOL is freezing on me more and more Jan xx

Linda :) said...

I'm very impressed with your new found bird knowledge!! and loved the pictures!!

Lisa said...

I love seeing the pictures and yes, you are becoming quite the bird expert!! I loved the last picture and he does seem to have a glint in his eye - very nice shot. The one set of birds looked like little parakeets. I would love to have colorful birds like that around all the time. Thanks so much for sharing these, I loved them all.

gina said...

girl, you know i loved seeing them! many of them are so pretty...and how i would love the opportuity to photograph them. and yes...i was impressed with your supressor you!! hehe great job!

D said...

great shots my friend... love 'em!

lisa jo said...

GORGEOUS pics of the birds! take lovely lovely photos!!! So clear. My DH would love to have seen all those birds in person..he loves watching birds. That eagle is just breathtaking! XOXO

Joan said...

What a great birding trip and what a list you must have after that one. Do you count. Off the hit the books. Love Joan.

Sandra said...

Fantastic photos Jeannette, I love birds but i`m not the expert that Joan is and I wouldn`t recognise any of them apart from the egret and the kite. Even then I didn`t know what kind of kite it was. I wish we had more colourful birds over here but I think the ones we have blend in with our drab!

Love Sandra xxxx

Kath said...

Well well Jeannette I was almost tounge tied by the time I had read all those birds names LOL!!However do you remember them all.Some of them are beautiful.I love birds but do not get many in my new garden.I am rushing here as partner is coming to collect me at 2-30pm for my weeks break again.So I shall catch up on you after my break.Loved th epics thanx for sharing AOL is freezing at my end too.I thogught it was my pooter until you mentioned it.I carn't wait to get back to continue your latast travels/Thanx for th einvite.Prayers for both of you.Take Care God Bless Kath

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I've never seen most of those birds. I've always wanted to see a kingfish. I've heard of most of them. The only birds I see are falcons and tons of crows here. I have to agree with can you remember all the names.

I've seen sandpipers at our shores and think they are really neat.

I can't wait to see some more of your pictures. Have yourself a good weekend. xx love

My Creative Spirit award given to me by Gina

My Creative Spirit award given to me by Gina

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Superior Scribbler award given to me by Jeannette

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