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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Baobabs and tortoises!

I had a few minutes to spare so thought I'd quickly upload these, well it was a choice between doing the washing up or uploading and the uploading won! Lol!
The photo above is the long sandy path we had to walk down to get to the forest, it was 5am and still dark. It really gave our calf muscles a wake up call walking through the sand!
The next photo is of the octopus trees, these are covered with very hard thorns giving them protection from the animals there ~ who must have been still asleep at that unearthly hour!

This little fella was still asleep when we got there but he did come out of the bushes and pose for a while!

He's a radiated tortoise, one of the species who live on Madagascar. I love tortoises, I always had one as a pet when I was young right up until I left my ex when I was forty.

I love the baobab trees, remember the Tree Of Life at Animal Kingdom in Orlando? That was a man made baobab tree with carvings of all the animals on it.

The sun was just coming up by now, seemed like we'd been up for hours!

Carol and Rita watching Mohamed demonstrate how to climb the baobab. The locals make these footholds in the tree so they can climb them to collect the fruit. I'd still rather use a ladder!

Blue sky and another beautiful hot sunny day, I miss these hot sunny days now I'm back home!

The last one from the forest but I've got a few more to share of Madagascar which I missed out when I was uploading to Photobucket.

I shall say goodbye now, this entry was done in a record 21 minutes! I do like the way it loads photos so quickly, AOL was just so slow with that ~ when they would actually allow you to load them!
Have a good Sunday and stay warm, it's absolutely freezing here but we have a sunny day with a sprinkling of clouds today after the atrocious rain and gales yesterday. See you soon!
Tag by Donna today.


D said...

I'm thinking I'd rather have a ladder too.... but that is cool how they do it. Enjoy the weekend my friend
love ya

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL, I'd prefer a ladder also. That tree looks like a huge carrot or turnip. Never saw anything like that ever. I'd be like you...I'd choose the computer anyday over any type of housework. Stay warm...xx

Julie said...

Have I mentioned I just love your photo's before, LOL. I just love your photo's. My hubby is addicted also. Keep them coming.

Sandra said...

I didn`t realise the baobab was quite as big Jeannette. As a child I climbed trees often and nearly as often fell out of! I love tortoises as well, they look almost prehistoric.

Love Sandra xxxx

gina said...

i think those trees are so cool! i bet you do miss those warm sunny days! that sunrise pic of the path is very pretty.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL, Jeannette, I just got your feedblitz announcement that you posted. I saw this on my dashboard 24 hrs ago. They are slow now, aren't they? xx

Joan said...

Sorry to be so late am have been off line due to a line problem. Great photos love the blue skies sunshine and warm weather. Love Joan

ADB said...

Very unusual trees, Jeannette, thanks for sharing more images from incredible Madagascar

lisa jo said...

I have never seen a tree like those before...they are SO cool...and WOW, the markings on that turtle are amazing. Love ya

madcobug said...

Odd looking tree. Helen

Jan said...

Gosh I nearly missed this entry,you must have thought you were on another planet all these strange trees and creatures ,I bet you do feel the cold after the warm weather there ,its awful here today Jan xx

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My Creative Spirit award given to me by Gina

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Superior Scribbler award given to me by Jeannette

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