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Sunday, 24 May 2009


Hi again! I'm adding some of my Antigua photos tonight before I go to bed. I think I've added too many, they won't let me add any more in this entry! I'll add the rest another day.

Antigua is a particularly beautiful island and one I've always wanted to visit. My friend at work was born and brought up on Antigua. She married a Scottish man and they often go back to the island to visit her friends and relatives. She said I had to visit the cathedral in St Johns where she was confirmed so that was our first stop. It was unusual as it's made out of wood inside. The walls and pillars are all made from hardwood trees that grown on the island. I'll add the photos on the next entry.

We took a bus and visited Shirley Heights where there are great views. We also went to the Blockhouse where there are more stunning views overlooking the bays and Eric Claptons house! our last stop was at Nelsons Dockyard, the old 18th century dockyard named after Admiral Horatio Nelson. It's a working dockyard situated in English Harbour, not as busy as it was back in the old days!

The island was a real pleasure to visit, the people were so friendly ~ I'm sure it must be the constant sunshine that makes everyone so happy there! Maybe it's that wonderful blue water that surrounds them too! St Johns, the capital is quaint. The streets are narrow and you have to be careful where you walk or you could disappear down a pothole in the road. Andy twisted his ankle when he went down one. That evening he asked me to call the ships doctor out but decided against it when I found out it was going to cost $135 just to call him out after hours! After a couple of days the swelling went down and he was as good as new.

The first few photos are of St Johns.

The first cat I'd seen for ages!

I loved the murals on this wall in the main street!

Our ship again.

The view from the Blockhouse. Right at the end of the promontory is Eric Claptons house.

I've zoomed in so you can see it clearer. There's also a rehab centre there.

The views were gorgeous from here.

Part of the ruins of the Blockhouse.

The sea was unreal looking, I think it should be illegal to have sea this colour!! Lol!

The wonderful view from Shirley Heights.

The view over the island, looking from the Caribbean side over to the Atlantic Ocean.

If my memory serves me well the island on the horizon is Montserrat.

This and all the remaining photos are of Nelsons Dockyard.

I'm off to bed now, I did have a signature tag here but it disappeared when I was moving the photos up. That's one thing that I hate about Blogger ~ all the gaps between photos, it takes ages to close them up doesn't it? I've just noticed a few more gaps when I scrolled down, I really can't be bothered to close them all up, I'm losing the will to live! I've got to get up early for work in the morning. I start at 7am.... ugh!
All those of you who are off for the Bank Holiday or Memorial Day in the US, have a good day.
Jeannette xxxx


Julie said...

Your photo's are always stunning. The colors! I would love to visit someday but am happy I have your blog so I can see what you get to see. Thanks for sharing.

Lori J said...

Hi there Jeannette, Once more I am reliving our cruise through your photos.
I must take more next cruise.


Lisa said...

we have a huge Memorial Day parade today in my city...i am so excited!
These pics are out of this world....BEYOND beautiful. If i ended up in that place i would never want to go home!!!!!! As always, you did a damn fine job!

Linda's World said...

Beautiful picures. Ahhh a kitty~did it make you homesick? How are the girls by the way? It seems weird to be in California and know that Gabi isn't home waiting for me. :( I guess it just takes time. Give them a special hug for me & have a good week. We're off to San Diego Tuesday morning for a couple days. Linda

Joan said...

Wonderful photographs yet again if I ever go on a cruise I know where I will be going will have to talk Stuart round. LOve Joan

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My Creative Spirit award given to me by Gina

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