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Monday, 22 June 2009


I decided to add the photos of Barbados tonight, I was so disappointed with the island, or that which I could see through the torrential rain! I'm sure it looks much better in the sunshine and we were lucky to have only had this one day of rain in a tropical zone like the Caribbean. Still, it would have been nice to have seen the island too! As Lori pointed out, this wasn't the order in which I saw the islands. We actually visited St Lucia after Barbados although I've posted those photos before these, I wasn't going to post any of these photos but decided you could sit and suffer through some soggy weather pics for a change! Lol! The top photo is Kensington Oval, yes, Barbados has it's very own Oval like us here in the UK! I always thought that Sir Viv Richards came from here but learnt that he came from Antigua which we had visited before Barbados. Ome of our surgeons at work comes from here. He told me many years ago that when he was a boy he and his friends used to get branches from a tree and a coconut then they proceeded to play cricket on the beach. No wonder they're so good once they get there hands on proper bats and cricket balls!
On with the soggy photos!
This first one was the non-view from the bus window!

A soggy banana plantation!

A not so soggy church, it was nice to get inside and shelter from the rain lashing down!Some kind of Bajan pigeon acting as official greeter at the church!

Inside was very grand with a beautiful organ.

The pulpit.

Caribbean churches all seemed to be fairly plain but very beautiful.
Some of the wet 'n wild shoreline!

It doesn't make you want to throw off your clothes, run to the beach and jump in does it?!

We stopped at a hotel where we could have had some beautiful views if we could've seen through the rivers of water running down the windows! I went out the back of the hotel and saw this pretty little bird instead!
On our way back to the harbour I saw this pretty little china blue flower. One must grab any photo opportunity available on dreary wet days! Lol!
A welcome sight, our ship! Notice how the sky has mysteriously turned blue on our return! We booked our excursion for the early afternoon but the booking office changed it for the morning so we left at 8am instead of 1pm. If we'd got the booking we wanted we would have missed all that rain so we weren't too happy!

Just a couple of photos taken at dusk aboard the ship as we were sailing out of the harbour.

I hope you enjoyed the rather drab photos, they certainly made a change from the usual, turquoise sea and endless blue skies didn't they?!
Next entry I'll post some photos of the melon carvings, chocolate sculptures and the birds we saw on our way back to Miami plus a few more of the ships' decks etc.
No signature tag tonight, I forgot to add it first and it takes a while to add it after and try to drag it down to the bottom!
Jeannette xx


Julie said...

Actually the rain shots turned out pretty good and I love the flower shot, perfect capture. Sorry about the rain.

Joan said...

Thought the rain added to some of the photographs i loved the seascapes in particlar nice to know they get some rain too. Love Joan

Lisa said...

Isn't it amazing what sunshine & blue skies can do for a place? Never the less I still enjoyed seeing the pictures and I had to agree with didn't make me want to run wildy into the ocean. In fact, it looked chilly! Too bad you had to deal with the rain but I found the church to be lovely and that organ...who would have thought!

Anonymous said...


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My Creative Spirit award given to me by Gina

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Superior Scribbler award given to me by Jeannette

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