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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Few more Caribbean photos

I thought I'd post a few more photos while I'm off work and have a little time to myself. Coming to the end of the cruise I'll be posting a few that I missed out. Taking two cameras means two memory cards. Most of the photos I've posted so far were taken with my Canon SLR, these tonight were mostly taken with my Canon compact camera.
NCL are a really good cruise line, very much family oriented, it was nice to go with them for our first cruise. I remember my friend booked a surprise Caribbean cruise for her sisters birthday, the whole family
went and they hated it, couldn't get off the ship fast enough! Lots of drunkenness from passengers which ruined it for others. I had my reservations about it, I do like being on land, but not having to unpack and repack suitcases every couple of days which happens on tours was enough to sway me to try it. We were lucky that the weather was hot and perfect, the sea was so calm ~ it was like floating around on a pond! Apart from wanting to do a Panama cruise next year for my sixtieth birthday I don't know if I'd do any more. There just didn't seem to be much time in each port. I think I prefer land based touring as you're seeing scenery all the time instead of wide expanses of open sea between destinations.
This first photo is the Barbados flag. Each day we had a different flag on the ship, it always showed the flag of our next port.

The cannon is one left from the English fort on St Lucia. There were some lovely views from on top of the hill.

This is part of Nelsons Dockyard on Antigua, everything seemed to be so tranquil in the Caribbean!

Our ship again, it looks like it's trying to get on land! Lol!

St Lucias' flag.

Antiguas' flag.

We saw lots of these birds flying alondside us on our way back to Miami. I found out that they're brown booby birds. A bit blurred but they fly very fast!

Grey skies.... it must be Barbados! Lol! Who'd have thought that Barbados would have clouds like England!

Still, they did make a nice sunset!

This is the food waste being ejected into the sea. All the food not eaten aboard gets processed and is pumped overboard where the fish eat it. They must be the most well fed fish in the world!

The colour of the sea doesn't look real does it?!

Well, that's all for tonight. I'm off work with plantar fasciitis in my right foot so tomorrow I want to have a good clear out of my paperwork. I've been off for a week now but have wasted most of it sitting around doing nothing; the pain when I walk is too much so I tend not to at the moment!
Enjoy the rest of the week, we've had quite good weather here this week, typical as I'm stuck indoors! Rain's forecast for this weekend so make the most of the sun!

I've just lost my signature tag, I was getting rid of the blank space at the bottom and it disappeared! Lol!
Jeannette xx


Julie said...

The blue is wonderful and I agree, the sunset was worth the gray skies. plantar fasciitis is so painful. I get that when I use the treadmill too much. Ouch. Stretches stretches. I would roll my foot on a can to help stretch it out. Take care and as usual. loved the pictures.

Martha said...

I just love looking through all your travel photos! Makes me want to go on a vacation right now! Beautiful!

Heather said...

What stunning pictures...yet again! It's so funny that the first picture you posted has those graves in them...after reading your first installment of pictures I had this really weird dream that I was walking on those same coffins in the water under the Brooklyn bridge...pregnancy dreams are so freaky huh? I can't believe you got such a great shot of that bird flying by, mine would have ended up being just a brown blur. I hope to some day take a cruise, it's something that looks quite enjoyable.

Connie said...

Popped over to say Hello-hope all is well.

Lisa said...

It does appear the ship is trying to "dry dock", LOL.

The seas are so beautiful, the color is amazing. I didn't know they pumped the food out. I don't recall seeing that on any of my cruises but it is a splendid idea and I bet the fish just wait for dinner to be served. Those fish are eating quite well!!!

Lori J said...

Hi Jeannette,

Well you photos of the cruise were far more extensive than mine..It is harder for hubby to get around so our favourite spots are just hanging out at a beach with the family.



mtrib2 said...

Hello Jeannette, I commented in the previous entry on 'St. Lucia'. The photos' are beautiful. It gives me a glimse (spelling)or peek into places I will only experience by your photos' and story. I hope your foot is getting better by now. I have to get to town and make the payment on the used truck I bought and then finish putting up siding on my building during this brief warm spell here in S. Illinois. I have to get it painted with latex paint before it is cold/raining again. Salty is doing fine next to my bed at night with the woodburner going. I managed to visit one person today on the computer and enjoyed having a little time here. Mark/Salty

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My Creative Spirit award given to me by Gina

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Superior Scribbler award given to me by Jeannette

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