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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Second batch of photos of St Lucia

I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I posted the last entry, time is going so fast just lately. I've been meaning to do this entry since Wednesday evening. I came home early from work that night and haven't been back since. I've got a very painful case of plantar fasciitis and have felt so tired I've fallen asleep every time I sat down! Probably because I've just finished three weeks of nights and my body clock is all over the place!
Anyway, on with the cruise! There are only two more destinations after St Lucia.... Barbados and Miami. Barbados was a washout; it rained so hard it felt like we were back home! We also had two days at sea sailing back to Miami. We were due to arrive in Miami at 8am where we'd be taken straight back to the airport. Our plane didn't take off till 5.30pm so it would have been a day just sitting around then another ten hours sitting on the plane when we flew home. It didn't sound very appealing so we decided to take an excursion offered to the Everglades. I'd been there in '91 but Andy had never been. It proved to be a great day out and a good end to a wonderful trip. Before I post the photos of that and the few I managed to take in Barbados, between the rainstorms, I just have a few more of St Lucia to show you. I loved this island, it was so tropical and jungly!! Is that a word? It is now!! Lol!
The photos below are taken from the ship when we were docked in the harbour, all apart from a couple which I took from the terrace of a plantation house.

I hope you liked these photos, it's nice for me to see them again too as I post them, so often we just put our photos away and never look at them again don't we?
Thanks to
Donna for the signature tag tonight.


Julie said...

The shots are lovely, I love the tug boat. The clouds looks so fluffy and everything is so colorful. Sure wish I was there right now. Donna does such lovely tags. No one can make the water move like she does.

Linda :) said...

Beautiful, Beautiful!!! :)

Lori J said...

Hi Jeannette, Thank-you so much for posting those photos...I am curious if the ship deviated from the original schedule as we left for Miami right from St. Lucia...
We are thinking about the Panama Canal in January 10 if funds are available. We really enjoy cruising.


Ally Lifewithally said...

Jeannette your photographs are beautiful ~ thankyou for sharing them with us ~ and Yes Donna's tag is great she is so clever ~ Ally x

Joan said...

Great shot so tranquil. Pity you had bad weather in Barbados but you did well with the rest of holiday. Love Joan

Jeannette said...

It looks an absolutely stunning place! I am glad you had such a good time.

Martha said...

Another batch of wonderful photos! Coming here always gives me the itch to travel. Looks like a great time :-)

Lisa said...

I loved seeing these photos - it looks so beautiful and just makes me heartsick to get back to the islands. I was never at St Lucia, I love all the bright colors. Ugh, 10 hours on a plane sounds awful!!! Thank you for sharing these pics and letting me have a vicarious mini getaway. ;)

Sandra said...

It looks so beautiful there Jeannette, Kerry visited the Caribbean many times during her time working on cruise ships and her photos made me very envious indeed. I`m so glad you had such a wonderful time. I love the word `jungly`! :o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Lori J said...

Just me again Jeannette,

Looking at your photos reminded me of the fun cruise we had with my family..
As you said NCL is very family orientated and it only cost me $1800.00 approx. for all 6 grandkids...Now the penthouse suites were a bit more...but what a way to travel...I have been spoiled..



Anonymous said...
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