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Thursday, 20 November 2008

More beach shots!

Places don't come much more idyllic than this! You'll just have to humour me please while I post all these beach photos! I took hundreds while I was there for a couple of days. It was just so peaceful and beautiful. I won't add much text as I have to get to bed soon, the photos speak for themselves!

I love their bright colourful boats.

I loved the sun reflected in the water.

This was the restaurant of our hotel, it looked out onto the beach. It was owned by a French lady who was like a female Basil Fawlty! She'd come into the restaurant and upset the guests. She had a real go at Mohamed one night when he over ordered leaving her with an extra ice cream which nobody had ordered! Anybody would have thought she'd go bankrupt over it, she screamed at him for ages! Lol! She looked really scary and was accompanied by two enormous German Shepherd dogs who were always by her side!

There were sand dunes all along the back of the beach.

The colours in this part of the beach were absolutely stunning.

These kids were on their way to school, they all wore a green uniform. I wouldn't mind being back at school if I could walk along that beach every day!

They all seemed so happy to see us!

This boy wanted to sell us a crab; I don't think it would have smelt too good at the end of the day!

I've never seen pigs and goats at the beach before! The pigs were running to the left and the goats were galloping to the right!

The children in Madagascar were so beautiful and they always carried the little ones on their backs. Although they were poor they were always well fed and didn't fight or argue with each other like western kids do.

I've got lots more photos of the beach if you aren't fed up with them. I've also got some of the early morning walk we did in the spiny forest. Early on in the tour we were told by our Madagascan tour guide, John, that we were going to the blue forest. We asked why it was called that. He said it was a green forest really but the Madagascans like the colour blue so the blue forest it is! Lol!
I'm out of here now, got an early start at work tomorrow and I'm also working Sunday.
Take care and have a good weekend.


Julie said...

The photo's are wonderful and I love the sunset on the water shots. Thanks so much for posting these.

Joan said...

Lovely to look at all that sunshine and blue water today in the middle of November with the snow threatening really enjoyed me ten minutes on the beech. Love Joan.

Jeannette said...

Truly beautiful photos. I love the different colours of the water.

gina said...

i am loving my tour of madagascar! :) those blues are unbelievable. it's really funny to see pigs and goats on the beach! i saw cattle grazing a few hundred feet from the shores of the pacific when in california a few years ago and really thought that strange. :) the children are beautiful and it's interesting how they don't fight like ours do. there are definite advantages to having less, i think.

Nancy said...

These are fabulous! (and yes, I see what you mean about your full page layout.)

Love those children shots especially.

Thanks for visiting me!


Lainey Laine said...

Never ever going to be bored of your photos Jeannette - they are simply stunning and as I am never likely to go to all these places then its a good way of seeing them. Very good way. Thank you. Laine xxxx

madcobug said...

Great pictures Jeannette. Thanks for sharing them. Helen

Kathy said...

Beautiful! I loved the picture of the sun reflecting off the water! Actually, I loved them all but that one touched me.

Hope all is well!

Martha said...

I love seeing all your photos of your trip, all so interesting! I love the colorful boats too! :-)

Connie said...

Absolutely fabulous photos.I am enjoying this trip so much.

lisa jo said...

you are a WONDEROUS photographer!! Your camera must be top of the line too. WOW...these pics are like being being right on the beach, so clear. LOVELY LOVELY. XO

Jeannette said...

I have nominated you for an award. Please pick it up at my journal.

Charles said...

I never saw a pig on a beach before. LOL

Lisa said...

Truly beautiful and it is quite a sight to see pigs & goats on a beach. The little kids are adorable, it's a shame thinking they have so little.

OH, I had to laugh at them wanting to sell you the crab!!

My Creative Spirit award given to me by Gina

My Creative Spirit award given to me by Gina

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Superior Scribbler award given to me by Jeannette

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