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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

On the way to the beach!

Hi again, tonight I wanted to add these photos that I uploaded to Photobucket this morning. I don't have a lot of time as I've spoken to my boss and she's agreed to change my shift. We're having problems at work as it's got so busy so I suggested I start earlier, at 10am, and work till 6.30pm. She said no, she wanted me around when my evening staff are there but she agreed to let me start two hours earlier at 11.30am and finish at 8pm instead of 10pm. No more sitting up till 3am for me!

Anyway, on with the journey to Tulear via Ifaty where we stopped for dinner. The photo above shows how easy it must be to control the zebu, kids are able to drive the oxcart. They seem very docile creatures, these two are males as they have a hump on their backs.

Everywhere we went we had people waving to us. They realise that tourists bring money into the country and help the economy. I read that Madagascar is the fourth poorest nation in the world.

The roadside stalls were everywhere, I never saw anybody buying anything!

This stall was in the centre of Ifaty whew we stopped for dinner.

This was our table companion for dinner! Lol! She was very well behaved and didn't ask for food. The owner had told us not to feed her as she was very well fed! She seemed content to sit at my feet and pose for photos!

I was always surprised that these huts remained standing, there was a terrific wind on the south west coast.

Very few cars used this road, not surprising as it was sand with no surface at all.

I loved the zebu, they're very highly prized here.

This photo should have been back further, it's a sign for a sapphire company. There are a lot of sapphires in Madagascar, most have been mined by the French when it was a French colony.

These people never seem to stop smiling. They have nothing but that's the way they've been brought up. They don't consider themselves poor ~ they have enough food to eat and a lot have mobile phones and shelter. I went home determined to clear my clutter, it made me aware of how much we have that we don't need!

That blue on the hut is plastic sheeting to make the huts waterproof.

I just couldn't even begin to imagine living in one of these huts!

A close up of the patched up roof, do you think your neighbours would complain if you did this to your roof?!

This looks almost posh compared to some of the other huts!

We were crossing over a bridge here. This used to be a river but it dried up through lack of rain, it's now just sand. The lady you can barely see in the centre is digging for water. These people dig down up to twenty feet looking for water, makes you so grateful that we have rain doesn't it?

This close up of her you can just see the top of her head. It must be so hard digging soft sand like this.

This village further down the road is lucky, they have a well for their water supply.

Blogger have decided I've added enough photos and won't let me add any more! I'm finishing off here and getting to bed. I'll have to add the last few of our journey another day, we're almost at the beach!

Have a good evening/night. Can't even add a signature tag!

Jeannette xx


Linda :) said...

That kitty is so cute!!
I got a bit behind, so had to go back a few entries to see all your great photos... I am loving this trip... I didn't realize all the walking you had to do.... maybe that is why this trip is so interesting, you're not just on a tour bus but right there experiencing everything up close...
and there's a beach... I can't wait!!!

gina said...

i'm amazed at the apparent contentness and they have so little. makes me ashamed. i can no more imagine living in one of those huts than i can having to dig for water!

D said...

incredible shots as always.. I did notice they are always smiling.... if we all could be that way eh?
love ya

Kath said...

Wow Jeannette I am a amazed at this pictures they are brilliant.Arn't those children all so beautiful I could take them home.Even though you say they are well fed etc.I am sure it would still break my heart to see them all living like this and to say goodbye to them well I cannot imagine how I would feel.I ams uch a sentimental old fool.Digging for water good grief we don't knowwe are born do we ? Thankyou for sharing this and looking forward to the next part.I am happy you are happy with your new working shift.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Joan said...

Hi Jeannette, great photos you have really brought home just how dirt poor these people are and yet they all seem so happy in their own way. Love Joan.

Jeannette said...

We should all thank our lucky stars that we do not have to live in those conditions. We take water for granted, turn on the tap and there it is. I cannot imagine having to dig twenty feet just to get some. That cat is so pretty and sweet.

lisa jo said...

Those pics are good enough to be in a magazine. WOW. SO clear. I can not imagine living in a hut or digging for water and seeing this DOES make me realize how lucky we all are!! Thank you for sharing. XO

Jan said...

That was a clever cat ,she knew who would make a fuss of her ,those poor people we have garden sheds that are better dont we ,they all seem to be smiling though ,we dont know how lucky we are Jan xx

Connie said...

As I look at these photos I can't help but think 'there but for the grace of God,go I'.
What a poor country but bet you came back richer for having been there.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, Jeannette, someone actually had a kitty. How cute it is! I'm still amazed at this country. You are so right about the people. They appear so happy and actually do look well fed. It does make you feel like taking restock of your own life when you see how little others survive on.

The desert is so barren. I saw in the above entry that the wind was quite brisk. I'm betting they get tons of sand storms.

xx Chris

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Oh Jeannette, those children are so adorable, I'm surprised you didn't bring one home with you!

Lisa said...

The kitty is adorable and looks to be in very good condition, which surprises me.

Those huts are something else, I cannot fathom living like that. It is so amazing the people are so happy with so little. It really makes me stop and think about how good I (we) have it and how much we take for granted.

Awesome pictures, thank you so much for taking the time to put them up and share your experience with us.

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My Creative Spirit award given to me by Gina

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Superior Scribbler award given to me by Jeannette

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