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Saturday, 8 November 2008

A quick entry.

No header today. I wasn't intending to do an entry but I've just recieved an email from Donna. I know you've been worrying about her not posting for over a week. I was worried so I emailed her and received this reply:

Jeannette... thank you so much for the note... and I do apologize for the worry. Friday after spending time at my sisters and watching the kiddo's trick or treat I came home thinking I had indigestion. Nothing could be further from the thruth. I actually had a heart attack and triple bypass. I got out of the hospital yesterday and will be spending some time at my parents. I am recovering nicely and trust me I am ok at this point It's just going to take some time getting back in the saddle. Send good thoughts for my strength to come back and know I will be around. I will most definitely update in my journal when I feel a bit stronger but feel free to let folks know I am doing good.
love ya

I know you'll want to go over to wish her a speedy recovery. I'm sure all the stress caused by AOL closing journals and not importing hers didn't help but let's not lay blame on anyone, just send prayers for her to get back on her feet.
I'm also going to email you about this so you're sure to see the entry, I know entry alerts sometimes take a day or so to appear in our mailboxes.
Jeannette xx


MariesImages said...

Ya know, she visited the Challenge Blog today, so I had no idea she was ill. She had posted a comment.
I should have realized that she did enter in the challenge, maybe there was a reason.
Thanks Jeannett for letting us know!

Martha said...

Thanks. I got an email from Donna this evening too. I posted the news as well...

Jan said...

Oh my goodness dear Donna ,I had no idea ,bless you Donna and please get well soon ,you will most certainly be in my thoughts and prayers ,love you ...Jeannette thankyou for letting us know you too Jan xx

Chrissie said...

I wondered what happened usually she does write everyday. Thank you for the email. I'm so far behind on journals.
Take care, Chrissie

madcobug said...

Sending up prayers for her quick recovery. Helen

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I just heard about this and was so shocked. I've been so worried because D never has been away this long. I was thinking she was just so upset with her journal not migrating but should have known better. She will have tons of prayers and good thoughts sent her way. Thanks, Jeannette! xx Chris

gina said...

wow...i had missed her and wondered, but never considered she might be ill. thanks so much for the update!!

Connie said...

OMG what a thing to happen to her.I am soo sorry for her.
Things can happen in a blink of an eye.So glad she is home and doing well.God speed to D'

Thanks for letting us know Jeanette.You're a luv!!

Vicki said...

Jeannette, thanks for getting the word out so that we can add Donna to our prayers.

mark said...

I have your Blogspot in my favorites now. My health is on very low energy and I am visiting just a little on the computer tonight. Thanks for sending me the email about Donna's health recovery. mark

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Thanks for letting us all know...I had no idea what was going on with her...will be praying for her for sure..Hugs,TerryAnn

Sandisan said...

Thank you for letting us know, Donna has been so giving of herself for so many years I know we all wish her, Sandi

Pamela said...

Thank you for letting us know.

Linda's World said...

Thanks for the heads up Jeannette. I'll stop by and wish he well. Linda in WA

Kath said...

First let me say thankyou for your message Jeannette.What a shock to come back to from my short weeks break.I am so so sorry to read of this.Poor Donna she has had so much to contend with over the last twelve months I am sure stress may have played a part in this.Lets all hope and pray now Donna is on the mend for good.Take Care Jeannette God Bless Kath

lisa jo said...

she emailed me as well, THANK GOD. My heart hurts for this happening to a lady i consider a true friend. Thank you for making this entry. I am SICK over what AOL did to her. She WAS JLand for GOD's sake! Love ya!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Jeannette thanks for letting us know about Donna ~ keeping her in my thoughts and prayers ~ Ally x

Joan said...

Thank you for that Jeannette I to was worried about her and just had this feeling. Love Joan

Jeannette said...

I am just glad to know that she has come through it and on the road to recovery.

Sandra said...

Thanks for finding out and telling us what happened Jeannette, I`ll go over right away.

Love Sandra xxxx

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My Creative Spirit award given to me by Gina

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Superior Scribbler award given to me by Jeannette

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